Saturday, October 6, 2007

Seven for Saturday

Our household has been infiltrated by what my husband calls the Creeping Epizutis. (No idea What. So. Ever. how to spell that). Gumby was out of school from Wednesday on with a headache, funky belly and sore throat. He's definitely on the mend, but not quite up to par. Sasquatch slept most of Thursday afternoon with the same headache. And I had been struggling with what to do, since the FG is out of town again and I was supposed to work Friday. Problem answered when my head started to split wide open around five Thursday afternoon. Not the answer I wanted, but the only one that made sense.

So, for today's post, I'm doing a bunch of shorties and catch-ups and things I can manage without an attention span, since I haven't been able to locate my attention span recently, and that's a bad thing to work a twelve hour shift in the ER without. And then I'm going to lay back down on my bed and wish that we didn't have a soccer double header Saturday. Be sure to be here Sunday for the latest installment of The Gabbies.

#1. Is there anybody out there who has not seen this video? It is absolutely hysterical. If you are a mother, have a mother or saw a picture of a mother once this is too close to the truth. How does she remember all the words?

And how did we ever survive without YouTube?

#2. This is a quick little follow-up on the obnoxious OB/GYN yesterday. He happens, god help me, to be in the same practice as my beloved doctor, and I have made sure everyone knows that his hands don't get within three miles of my body, even if I'm dying. One of his kids even played basketball with one of mine, so I see him all the time. Whee. I ran into one of the nurses he works with in a non-work setting and she gave me the update. He is now, several years later, one of the nurse's favorites and is supposedly a pleasure to work with. When I expressed my (bigger than Texas) doubts about this, she smiled evilly and said that it had taken some time to teach him how you do and do not treat people, but that eventually he had gotten the message. I asked how this had happened. She said she preferred not to say. What happens in the hospital stays in the hospital. Oh, man, would I love to hear that story.

#3. I'm seriously - seriously - behind on my Play It Forward hand made gifts. I've considered and rejected more (out of my league) crafty ideas than I can list. So...items are forthcoming, but may not be made by my own two clumsy hands. Or they may be. My angel and devil are still duking it out. The important thing to note is that they're on the way - soon.

#4. Does anyone else have stress dreams about their animals? I had a series of really not good dreams about the dogs last night, especially my very own Most Perfect Dog in the World. Every time I woke up he was in his usual spot on my feet, snoring, drooling and gassy, so all was normal. But still...

#5. This has nothing to do with anything, but it fits right into the theme and I absolutely adore this song, although it does make me a little soggy. You can listen to it while you read and consider that you've gotten your daily numerical requirement satisfied.

I can't embed it, so click here for Five For Fighting.

A word that never existed for me before blogging.

#6. Not much action going on in the old book circle listed in the sidebar. If you've read any of these listed and have any comments, lets hear them. I'm at the tail end of the pile I got from the library right before this started, but I'll be restocking pretty soon and definitely plan on picking some up from this list. Just hit where it says Click here to participate in the RC Book Club.

#7. For the few who will care, check out the post below...


Sweet Irene said...

You're always such a sweetheart and leaving such nice comments on my posts. I hope your headache will be better soon and that you will be fit as a fiddle in no time. I couldn't play the video, as my husband is still asleep and I can't turn the sound on, but I'll be back later. Take care!

my two cents said...

I liked both of the videos, thanks!!

Woody's Mom said...

OMG I didn't realize my mother wrote a song for you tube. God help us all.

Iota said...

I am the "anybody out there" who hadn't seen the video, so thank you for a wonderful 3 minutes. How DOES she do that?

I think the word "embed" existed for me before blogging...

ciara said...

how funny you should make a post like this when it's exactly what i'm going to do. i don't have being sick as a reason, just lazy and need to make it short n sweet lol i saw that video on, i believe it was, mom not mum's page. very funny.

Akelamalu said...

Love the video - I hadn't seen it before!

Sorry to hear you're all poorly sick and jobbing thin - hope you're better soon! x

Flowerpot said...

you poor thing - do hope you feel better very soon. Sounds like a migraine - I hope that family of yours are looking after you!

The Rotten Correspondent said...

Irene - you're a doll. Thank you. My head is feeling much better today thank you. I think you'll like the video.

my two cents - isn't she a hoot??

woody's mom - ha!I won't let my kids see it. Don't want to hear what they'd say.

iota - isn't it amazing? I just keep watching it. I can't remember my name half the time and then she does something like that.

ciara - it seemed like a good time for a no brainer post!

akela - I'm much better today, thanks. Isn't the video fun? I'm sure you've never said any of those things, have you?

flowerpot - my family would ask me what's for dinner if I were lying run over in the road, but it's a nice thought!

Well, I'm off to a soccer double header and a birthday party and the FG is out of town, so I won't be blog hopping until later today. Everyone have a great Saturday!

la bellina mammina said...

I LOVE it! How did she manage to do it without taking long breaths. Whew!

Swearing Mother said...


Jo Beaufoix said...

Hope you're feeling better too sweetie.
I love the mum clip. It's so true.
It reminds me of a gorgeous youtube clip Corey has on her site, Living and Loving Every Minute of it.

Mya said...

Hey RC,
Glad you're feeling a bit better now - hope you enjoy the football too.
Dreams and pets? You're not alone. I used to dream about accidently killing my goldfish (honestly!) - I think I had responsibility issues. Haven't had one for a long time least not since I killed him (just kidding!)

Mya x

laurie said...

heya, the video is hilarious even though she can't sing any better than i can.

i can't figure out where to "click here" for the book club, but add WORLD'S FAIR by e.l. doctorow and THUNDERSTRUCK by erik larson to my offerings.


ped crossing said...

I hope you have a restful Sunday. And all sicky, leaky, achyness has left the house. I just saw that video a couple of days ago and I nearly fell off my stool.

I knew what embed meant long before I started blogging, but I still don't know how to do it.

ped crossing said...
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Anonymous said...

I love the mom video, I played it really loud the other day to wake up Hannah. She did not see the humor in it, as I did. As for the second, WOW, it was beautiful. I had never heard that song before and it blew me away, so moving. Perfect timing for me to hear today. I will be hitting replay a lot!!
I hope your family is feeling better, and that your headache is gone. I hate headaches. I actually had to have my doctor call in Migraine medicine on Friday, because I could feel it coming on, big time. I hadn't needed that it a long time. I think it is this funky weather here or something. It helped, knocked me out, but helped. So I do hope you feel better.
I do have major stress dreams about my pets. Usually that I am neglecting them, like I have left them alone in the basement for a long time and have forgot about them. In the dream I am always in a panic, trying to get to them, afraid they are dead, because I forgot about them for so long. I too wake up, with the cat on my chest, and the dog right next to me snoring away. My pets are so spoiled, so I have no idea where this comes from, but I hate it!!
Hope the Soccer games went well, and you can come home and RELAX. RELAX on Sunday too!!

CableGirl said...

I saw that video last night and I nearly peed my pants. I was planning on posting it up tomorrow but you beat me to it. lol

What a mother says in 24 hours condensed into 2 minutes and 55 seconds. brilliant.

Hope you guys are feeling better soon.