Monday, October 22, 2007

born to ride

Two weeks from today I'll be on an early flight to LA. It will be my first trip home in almost exactly ten months. And do you know what else?

I'm going alone.

I'll only be in LA for three days, but I already have my list (well, of course I do) of what I need to do while I'm there. Ikea is mandatory as are the best fish tacos in the world at Senor Fish. I'll obviously make a trip to kneel at the altar of Trader Joe's. I will make speedy rounds of family and friends just to remind everyone of how pleasant it is to have me 1600 miles away. I have to get to the beach, however briefly, assuming that it isn't still on fire. And do you know what else?

Thursday morning, my mom and I are packing up one of their cars and we're driving it back to Kansas. Road trip, baby. Thelma and Louise hit the interstate. I'm so excited, even the Mojave Desert looks good. I just love road trips. And I cannot even remember the last time I got to spend two uninterrupted days with my mom. Oh my god, is she going to be sick of me. It'll be great!

Two days with a 64 oz Diet Coke in one hand and a steering wheel in the other. Two days of diner food and hotel room chick flicks. Two days to hang out with my mom and decompress. (Until she starts bitching about my driving and telling me to slow down, anyway). Hold on to your hats, everyone. I sense some really good blog material coming on.

I can't wait.


Kaycie said...

Two days in a car with my mother is my worst nightmare.

All the other stuff sounds like tons of fun, though. I hope you have a great time!

Altaglow said...

Kaycie, I'm very sorry for you on the mother thing. I have to say that my very best days are spent chuckling with and/or commisterating with my girl.

I consider myself to be hugely blessed. I have many friends that have been at my side for onto 40 years now BUT the one person I love being with the most--and laugh with the most==is my girl. I'm with her: can't wait: Fun, laughs, food, jokes==complete happiness. Get ready little soldier--I;ll bring the corkscrew!!

Altaglow said...

forgot to say--I CAN"T WAIT!!!

Corey~living and loving said...

It is my greatest hope that when my daughter is an adult...she is absolutly excited to spend time with me. That is beautiful!
Have a great trip!

Kimberly said...

Sounds heavenly! ~sigh~

Mya said...

Road trips! I love 'em. I've done LA to Fla and back in a car twice. Have fun and enjoy each other's company. And make sure you have some fantastic loud driving music to help you along on your way.

Mya x

Heather.PNR said...

Oh man, your mention of Senor Fish is bringing back memories of my LA days. I had many a happy meal with friends at their Eagle Rock location.

In addition to Trader Joes, my LA pilgrimages usually involve Zankou chicken and La Estrella burritos. I'm just realizing how food-centric that sounds!

Have a fun trip!

Flowerpot said...

two days n a car with my mother would lead to one, possibly two deaths. Brave woman!!

la bellina mammina said...

I LOVE Thelma and Louise! Sounds like fun that you'll be in LA. I'm planing a trip to Australia and New Zealand (never been to NZ) in 3 weeks and I'm so excited! :-)

laurie said...

i'm with kaycie. but somehow, RC, i figure your mom must be cooler than most. she produced you!

no speeding, now, ladies.

we want you back in one piece (well, technically, two pieces, since there are two of you) for more blog stories!

and not to be critical or anything, but, um, surely you can find something more interesting to do in L.A. than go to Ikea and a grocery store??

auntie barbie said...

You need a break and this sounds like the perfect adventure for you!

Its so very nice to see your comments about RC. My daughters are my best friends too. Enjoy your trip!

Jen said...

Remeber your wanderlust a couple of weeks back? This may just be the cure you need.

I've been on a road trip with my mom before. Like Kaycie, it was my worst nightmare. You're lucky that you can look forward to yours.

And I'll be waiting impatiently for those stories!

m@ said...

IIRC, Thelma and Louise didn't exactly finish their trip...

Akelamalu said...

How I wish my Mum was still here.

Savour every minute Correspondent. xx

wakeupandsmellthecoffee said...

Your mother obviously isn't like my mother. Altaglow, have a wonderful time with your girl. You two are blessed to have such a great relationship.

Devon said...

How fun...I can't wait to read all about it! Ikea's is my favorite store! Also, I love fish tacos so much, I have been perfecting my recipe and make some awesome ones at home as I live far, far, far away from any resturants that serve them!

Swearing Mother said...

I can't wait to hear about your trip - have a good time girls!

Diana said...

Woot! A road trip sounds like a little slice of heaven to me right now, too!

Have a ball with your huge glug of diet coke. I will be picturing you in a big-assed red convertable with the wind in your hair, even if the car happens to be a dull gray Taurus or something equally stodgy.

Jo Beaufoix said...

Ooo late to the party.

RC I'm with Corey, I hope I have that relationship with my girls.

You are so in need of a break and this will be perfect.

Take your camera and plenty of chocolate, and don't drive off any cliffs, ok?

Will miss you, but can't wait for the stories. :D

Potty Mummy said...

Faaaaantastic. I am so jealous. Last March I went skiing with 2 girlfriends for a long weekend and my god, we just had the best time. No kids to worry about, no men to pander to, just us, the slopes, loadsa snow, and lots of French wine to check out.

You've inspired me; I must get on the internet and book again for next year.

ciara said...

my mother would talk me to DEATH for those two can go to bed hearing her talk to you as you're trying to sleep and hear her talking to you before you even wake up...honestly. sounds like you're gonna have a great time though. i love l.a. you know i prefer so. cali to no. cali any day!

i have to drive about 25 mins to get to the closest trader joe's. it only recently opened and i have yet to go.

my two cents said...

You can't wait? I can't wait!!

The Rotten Correspondent said...

kaycie - yes, but think of the fabulous time you had in Paris with your daughter. Same thing.

altaglow - oh mama, do you think we can avoid getting arrested???

corey - it's my biggest fear about having just boys - that they won't want anything to do with me when they grow up unless their wives make them.

kimberly - maybe we'll even stop in Vegas and channel you.

mya - well, yeah. What's a road trip without kick ass music? Of course there's no reception for the entire state of Utah, so I'd better see what the car has in way of tape decks.

Heather. pnr - welcome! Oh, my god. Where did you live? My Senor Fish was in South Pasadena (sadly a short walk away and I have the thighs to prove it). And I LOVE Zankou chicken. I'm not familiar with La Estrella burritos though. My trip sounds pretty food-centric too.

flowerpot - I'm very very lucky. My mom is my best friend.

bella - will you adopt me? Please?

laurie - what other interesting things did you have in mind? Bear in mind that I grew up there and have already done most of the things that I wanted to. I've narrowed it down to the essentials. Besides I need some Ikea paper hanging lamps. My closest Ikea is Chicago.What would you do with three days in LA?

auntie barbie - I think it will be the ultimate in decompression. yay!

jen - this trip came up pretty unexpectedly after my fit of wanderlust. I think it will be just what the doctor ordered.

m@ - I'd rather go off a cliff than do Brad Pitt. ugh.

akela - I plan to. This is the good stuff.

wakeup - If you see any news alerts in the desert just change the channel. Surely it wouldn't be us.

devon - have a good home fish taco recipe? do spill...I really think that fish tacos are my favorite food in the galaxy (LA reference there, people!)

swearingmother - thank you...fingers crossed.

diana -'s a green Saab. Convertible. Woo-hoo!!

Jo - I'm going to try and weasel the good camera away from the FG. Wish me luck.

potty mummy - oh, that sounds wonderful. Get on the internet - NOW.

ciara - I'll be the talky one. My mom will be like could you shut up for a minute and I'll be all sure, did I tell you about...heh. she's gonna kill me.

my two cents - YOU can't wait? I can't wait!

laurie said...

rc, i'm pretty sure minneapolis is closer to you than chicago. we have an ikea, too, you know! come by and have a meatball!

in the meantime, i have meemed you. stop by and see if you can figure it out.

and what would i do in L.a.? i'd go to WATS and visit my dead great-aunt's dog and cat hospital. see if it's still there.

la bellina mammina said...

LOL! and I was gonna ask u to adopt me ;-)

Deb said...

Travel safely. I miss Senor Fish, as well, but I'm grateful we have a Trader Joe's here.