Tuesday, October 23, 2007

odds and ends

I wish I could think of something good to post about
tonight, but I seem to have a short circuit somewhere.

I have lots of motivation and not a lot of get up and
go. I could briefly touch on...

The fact that my computer has been taken over by
crazed tenth graders with a huge assignment due
tomorrow. The Mac (which I'm writing this on) for some
reason won't let me compose on Blogger, so I'm
emailing this to myself so I can cut and paste when
kids get off the "real" computer. (Whenever the heck
that may be). Who says I don't love you guys?

The fact that if my husband hears one more time about
how I "need" a laptop, he'll...spit? Run away? Buy
the damn laptop? He really could care less if I get
one. (Actually, maybe he could. I think he'd like me
to shut up). The problem is that I'd want to buy an
inexpensive one off
eBay and don't know what I'm
looking for. This is where he comes in. Or not, as the
case may be.

The sheer amusement value of an ordinarily smart dog
(Trixie) trying to steal a grilled pastrami and cheese
sandwich off of Sasquatch's plate and upending an
entire bowl of cream of tomato soup in the process. As
Sasquatch howled and carried on, she sought me out in
the kitchen and sat penitently in front of me with
soup dripping off her entire head. Can I tell you
again that it is NEVER dull around here?

The wonderful book I've finished that pixelpi
recommended called Good Grief, by
Lolly Winston.
Beyond terrific. And yes laurie, you are influential
beyond your wildest dreams, as I have been taking all
twenty pounds of
Lonesome Dove to bed with me at
night. And I'm loving it.

The absolute fabulosity of napping for three
glorious afternoon hours while the rain poured down
and three dogs snuggled up close to me in my bed. It
truly does not get much better than that.

The sick feeling I'm getting in my stomach every time
I see anything even vaguely news related and see that
Southern California is still burning. My people aren't
Malibu, but a lot of them are still in fire areas,
especially my mom and Stu. They're seriously in the
tinderbox foothills, and they've been threatened
before. Queen of Denial that I am, I haven't even
called my mom to check in. Ain't fear grand? (In my
defense, none of these fires seems to be inland. Yet).

Alright, I've rambled at you enough. Let me go and try
to kick the teenagers off the computer long enough to

Wish me luck.

PS - I swapped a pot of fresh coffee for five minutes
on the computer to post.I promise - I'll catch up on
my blog reading tomorrow. Sorry!


my two cents said...

What is so wierd about this particular Santa Ana and firestorm is that in your mom's and my area, it is completely calm. Thirty-five minutes in any direction, and it is literally hell, but we have no wind, no smoke, and no flames. My sister-in-law, her husband, four kids, three rabbits, and one cat have been evacuated from Encinitas, and I expect them for dinner tomorrow. We have had our share of fires in this area, and it is as dry as I have ever seen it, and there is NO humidity at all. I mean it, it hurts to breathe it is so dry, but today, here, was considerably cooler than predicted. Supposed to be 99, and I bet it was at least ten degrees cooler. I really hope nothing starts in this area, wind, fire, or otherwise. People think CA will fall into the ocean from an earthquake, and as SCARY as those are, I think fire is MUCH worse. Of course, talk to me after the next earthquake, and we'll see what I say...These fires are so bad, I think they won't be completely out before you get here. There was a fire in Santa Barbara this summer that took two months to put out. You do remember my pictures from Griffith Park this spring? And that was April...The few weeks are the height of fire season. I wish I could go to the beach with you when you come...

Kaycie said...

You totally need a laptop. Tell FG I said so, I bet that'll be influential. I love mine. I think it was $700 five years ago from the Dell outlet. It was refurbished but it was next to perfect. And it's still going strong. Worth every penny.

Altaglow said...

As Two Cents has said we're fine here. No problems at all so far--knock on wood that it stays that way!

Kimberly said...

Oi-yoi-yoi! So many prayers being said for everyone down there.

Flowerpot said...

I read Lolly Winston's first book and loved it (name escapes me now) so will order this one from the library!

Jo Beaufoix said...

Must add those to the books I need to read list.
Hope your mum's area stays safe and that the fires stop soon.
And hope the kids finish their assignments.
And hope you get your laptop.
Oh I am full of hope today. :D

Jen said...

I've been reading about the fires on-line. It looks terrible. When I heard someone say that the humidity was only NINE percent, I couldn't believe it. I've never lived anyplace where the humidity got so low. Here's hoping the wind dies down enough that they can at least get aircraft up. Please be careful on your trip. Please.

And tell FG a happy wife is an important thing. A laptop would make you happy.

laurie said...

i do ALL my blogging on a mac laptop. believe me, mac will let you blog. you just have to sign in....

it's a mac ibook and i think it was about $1000. i didn't buy it, but shortly after it arrived in the mail, i confiscated it. doug now uses the "big" computer.

i can blog on the front porch surrounded by dogs.

i highly recommend it.

la bellina mammina said...

It's one of those days, ain't it?

Akelamalu said...

You must be really worried about your relatives in the midst of the fires, I hope the fires are under control soon.

I've been asking for a laptop for yonks and MWM kept saying we couldn't afford one. Recently he's bought some Gizmo and our computer hasn't got enough memory or something so guess what, we have now got a laptop to run in tandem with the pc when he wants to use the gizmo! Men!!!

ahna said...

I just did some catch up reading, and I have to take a moment to tell you how much I enjoy your writing. Thank you for sharing what you do. I look forward to reading what you've written - I check in on you often. Boy, that sounds a little like stalking. Sorry. :-)
Have a fabulous trip. (Say "hello" to my brother if you see him in LA, OK? Tell him to come back to the midwest to visit 'cuz we miss him.) Have a safe and riotous road trip to Kansas. And enjoy your mom.

Jen said...

So, have you gotten those pralines yet?

Anonymous said...

If you got a laptop wouldn't that mean more blogging? Or do you think that would be taken over too?

Crystal xx

Diana said...

I agree. You neeeeeed a laptop. A laptop is lovely.

Anyone who gets to clean tomato soup off a naughty dog deserves a laptop.

Anyone living with 3 school-aged kids deserves a laptop.

Anyone who has to worry about family and wildfires deserves a laptop.

(Did I miss anything?)

PixelPi said...

RC: Took a photo of the fires' smoke from the plane yesterday. Your mom's house wasn't anywhere in the area. I promise. Tell FG that Dells are cheap, reliable, and if he doesn't buy you one of your very own he will be sleeping with the dogs. And you forgot their Frontline anti-flea stuff for the last 6 months. Fear not. "It will end well." "How?" "I don't know,it's a mystery."

Must rest back which is paralyzed from the entire wedding weekend. I want a laptop too in situations like this.

Hugs. Glad you liked Good Grief. I need to re-read it soon.

The Rotten Correspondent said...

my two cents - that is just bizarre. I've never heard of coastal only Santa Anas. I agree with you, by the way. I'll take an earthquake over fire any day.

kaycie - that's what I want - a refurbished something or other - Dell would be great. You can get them on eBay for under $200. How can you go wrong?

altaglow - I'm very relieved to hear it. This is not a lot of fun to watch from a distance. I'm sure it's even less fun to be there.

kimberly - thanks. It's all appreciated a lot.

flowerpot - she really has a unique way of looking at things, doesn't she?

jo - if hope is the word of the day sign me up. Such a nice word...

jen - I wish I could describe how utterly dry the Santa Anas are. It's like being in front of a broiler with a fan blowing at you. And LA is icky dry to start with, but when you add that in it's beyond description.

On the praline front, they arrived late this afternoon. I hid them from the kids, then a little while ago the FG and I split one. Oh.My. Good. God. Nectar of the gods. Maybe I could kill two birds with one stone and not let him have any more unless he buys me a laptop. Could work...

Nevertheless - THANK YOU!!! I'm proud to be the fastest Jen geek on the internet.

laurie - I can get to my dashboard, I can publish something that's already written, but it won't let me compose.I can put in a title, but it won't click onto the compose box at all. Very frustrating.

I think of you sometimes when my dogs are lounging around my sunporch. I could be lounging too - and blogging at the same time.

bella - yes it is. has been all day!

akela - yeah, that would be about the situation here too. If there were some way it would help work on models or something he'd be all over it. What's driving me crazy is that I'm not looking for his permission to buy it - I just need some advice. I should go ahead and buy whatever I want. I guarantee he'd lose no time telling me what I bought wrong.

ahna - thank you. What an incredibly nice thing to say. Where is your brother in LA? Hopefully out of the fire range.

crystal - welcome back! I think a laptop would mean more blogging, now that I think about it. heh.

diana - no, I think you hit all the bases. You're so efficient. Hugs coming at you for tomorrow. Keep us posted.

pixelpi - welcome back to you too! I gotta tell ya - I love the way you think. Forget the frontline, feed the intestinally challenged one appropriately...

Laptop...come to mama.

Are you going to post your fire pictures? Is your sister okay?

The Rotten Correspondent said...

oh, and pixelpi - take care of your back, okay? planes are hell on backs.