Thursday, October 11, 2007

The Thursday Three

To Celebrate the big 200, the Thursday Three today...

Isn't A List!!

Instead, it's Q&A time in RC Ville. Thank you to everyone for the wide range of questions. (Who am I kidding? Thank you for playing along and fostering the illusion that any aspect of my life is exciting in the least). You've given me lots of interesting ideas for future posts. Very interesting ideas...

This was kind of hard to narrow down, because I really wanted to answer everything. That's the kind of person I am, you know. Always eager to please, bends over backward to not hurt feelings, willing to sit up until midnight trying to decide between paper and plastic. But then I tried to pick three and couldn't. So, with a few exceptions, I am going to cover them all. Briefly. (That will be a first for me).

What's your favorite thing about liberal collegeville?

I love the college atmosphere, the weather and the liberal bent.

What do you miss about California, besides the weather?
My family and friends, the beach, Trader Joe's, the beach,Ikea, the beach, fish tacos, the beach, really fabulous mexican food, the beach. Oh, yeah, I forgot the beach.

How did you meet the Film Geek?
I transferred into the college that he was attending. He was in the same year as me, but was one of the more experienced video production students. Depending on who you want to believe, I either needed some help with the video I was directing or someone thought I needed help and wanted to show me how it was done. Then I volunteered for a shoot he was doing because I thought he was pretty cute. He handed me a really heavy camera kit(or lighting, I can't remember exactly) and asked me to carry it up the hill we called Cardiac Hill, because it was like 4,000 steps at a 90 degree angle. He was so intent on what he was doing that he never even noticed I was on crutches (from a bad Jane Fonda moment) and could barely walk. And the precedent was set...

What three things could you absolutely not live without, food, water, shelter excluded?

1) family and friends, 2) my computer and 3) my dogs (dang! is that four?)

where's my pif gift?

made me laugh out loud, ciara. (Hmm...maybe she really wants to know).

I you had to choose, wine or chocolate for the rest of your life, which would it be?

Probably the most unfair question of the bunch. I would go But it would suck.

Paper or plastic?

Plastic. (We are talking grocery bags and not toilet paper, aren't we?)

Ice cream in a cone or dish?

In a dish, preferably with hot fudge on it.

what do you look like?

I'm tall (5'10"), curly streaky brown hair that I've just cut to shoulder length, brown eyes and I bite my nails.

what did you do before blogging?

Spent way too much money on eBay.

How do you find the time to write 200 blogs?

Well, I write fast. I have a journalism degree that I've never used. I get an idea in my head and let it fester all day. Then I sit at the computer and pound it out. It's usually pretty quick

Do you put toothpaste on the toothbrush first and then wet it/ wet the brush first or not wet it at all?

Wet it first. Duh. How else would the toothpaste stick?

Do you put shampoo into your hand first or straight onto your head.

This is a strange thing to think about. Shampoo in hand, conditioner straight on head.

Have you experienced the spirit world?

Not a bit. I'd like to.

Are you dressing up for Halloween?

I'm thinking of dressing up as a 1950's housewife for the school parties.

Do you remember your dreams?

Little bits and pieces, but not entire dreams. But I sleep like I'm dead, I sleep so hard.

As an ER nurse, what's the weirdest thing you've seen removed from someone's body?

A man who came in stark naked and wet with a broomstick so far up his rectum that they had to crack his chest to remove it. Evidently he was sweeping in the shower and slipped. Well, that's what he said.

What will you do to celebrate reaching your target weight?

Eat an entire pumpkin cheesecake by myself.

If you could have a one night stand with anyone, who would it be and where?

Here's where I lose all you Brits. Hugh Grant. Anywhere.

HOW do you find the time to do all this blogging?

I only work part-time, my kids are in school and my husband is gone a lot. And I'm pretty efficient with things. I can whip through chores and errands pretty quick.

Do you feel guilty about it?

No, because it doesn't take any time away from anyone in my family. I mostly do it when they're not here.

Do you have a cleaning lady/cook/childminder/driver/mom living next door?

In my dreams. I might even trade Hugh for that.

How would your best friend describe you?

I don't know. How about it, friends? my two cents (aka Mrs. Weasley), pursegirl, altaglow, want to answer this one?

What was it that first attracted you to your husband?

He was very funny, confident and smart. I like smart. And cute, too.

Have you ever considered writing a book, your writing is soooo good?

I'd write a book in a second. Problem is, no one would read it! (and a big mwah! by the way!)

What kind of car will your next car be? (Assuming the kids would never set foot in it).

I love Volvos. A nice sleek fast Volvo. (How many oxymorons in that sentence?)

And there we are. Q&A concluded. Except...a couple of them I didn't answer and I'll tell you why. Some subjects (Russia and the whole celeb thing) are way too long winded to cover here and I do plan on going into way more detail in future posts. And the idea from laurie about a defining childhood moment intrigued me enough that I want to write more about that too.

Thanks for sticking around - not just for this post, but for 200 of them. You guys deserve some sort of award for that!


Willowtree said...

Phew, I was going to ask a question but decided against it, boy am I ever glad now. I'd hate to be be lumped in with your regular commenters, they're very strange...

Congrats on reaching 200, you don't look a post over 199!

Kaycie said...

Willow, just who are you to call someone strange? I mean, really!

Kaycie said...

Oops, I got so excited about telling Willow how it is that I forgot my comment.

Very cool stuff, RC. I liked all the questions. And their answers.

The Rotten Correspondent said...

kaycie - you took the words right out of my mouth...

my two cents said...

I was hoping I would get to answer the question about what do your friends think of you!

I've wondered how others can find this blog so funny, not becuase it isn't, but because what I get as a bonus when I read is hearing every voice just at they say things, and I am sorry everyone doesn't get to hear RC, FG, Sas., Gumby, and SD in their heads the way I do. I can only think it makes it all even better, if you can imagine that!

RC is every bit as funny in person as she is in blog, and believe me, she is sharp and quick with her comments, and her looks can say just as much as her words, and they can make you laugh just as hard.

I met RC when Sas. was about a year and a half, and my twins were just over a year, and barely walking. Sometimes, you just know you have found a friend, and that is the way it was with RC. I have always felt completely comfortable with her, and her family. With RC, it is come as you are, and that is such a wonderful thing in a friend.

I have often said my kids didn't write the book on the terrible twos, but they certainly added a chapter or two. That was a really rough year for me, but RC was right there, and nothing my kids did at her house, my house, or in public phased her. Can you ask for more than that in a friend?

When RC moved away, I knew it was something that she and her family needed to do, but it was hard. Shortly before she left, we went out to dinner, just the two of us, then I dropped her off at home and barely made it the few miles back to my house because I was crying so hard.

The first year in liberal collegeville was hard, but great for her, and we kept up the best we could. The first few years she moved, she and the boys would come back for a lot of the summer and we got to spend a lot of time together, which was great. She could go away for the entire year, and we could immediately pick up where we left off the minute we saw each other again a year later. I have always known that the time would come when she wouldn't come back during the summer, and have tried to prepare myself for that inevitability. I think our time together in the summers has defined what summer meant for me, and my kids, too. Well, that summer came this year and the only reason it wasn't hard, is that we visit via this blog everyday.

I have always felt we can discuss ANYTHING, and be completely honest with each other. I never have to pretend to be or think anything other than what I do or am. I think that is pretty amazing.

I am glad you all get to know RC too, becuase she IS amazing. Maybe even more amazing in person than she is in her blog, if you can imagine that.

Well, it is past my bed-time and the battery on the laptop is about to run out, so that is all I can say about RC. Since you read her blog, though, you probably know all of this already!

ped crossing said...

So things do not include living beings. Living beings are up there with food, water, shelter. :) So now I know you can't live without the computer and the internet. Or wine.

You should consider moving back west, but much farther north. Then you could pretty much have all the things you miss about California back without the California part. Except the beach is much colder, but much more beautiful.

So have some wine, celebrate and then collapse in bed!

PixelPi said...

Happy 200, RC! Any I'm so glad I found your blog and you through it! It's the first thing I read every day.

It better be there when I check every day, too. Or else. Something, can't think of what yet. :D

Mya said...

Hey Congratulations Matey!
200 - my, you are prolific (amongst other things.) I'll forgive you your Hugh Grant taste-lapse, just this once, as it's a special day. Felicitations!
And what bollocks about nobody wanting to read a book you'd write - get started on it now, Mrs Organised. Two hours a day, dictate it while you're in the gym or something! And when the book gets made into a film, they'll cast Hugh Grant as FG... but who would they cast as you? Bit of a late question thrown in there! Ta ta! Have a fab day!
Mya x

Flowerpot said...

great selection of answers - and congrats on your 200th post!

wakeupandsmellthecoffee said...

Love the answers (and Willow thinks we're strange? I've visited his blog). Here's a question I forgot: I usually start posting about 8 a.m. UK time, and you always beat me. Do you stay up really late?

Sweet Irene said...

I am feeling pain in a particular place because of you answering a particular question! Other than that, I thought it was all great and I thought you were very candid. Good for you, wasn't it nice of them to ask?

Jen said...

It's 7 a.m. here, and I'm already late. Sheesh.

Happy 200 Hundred, RC. Aren't you glad this isn't a birthday party?

And I miss Ikea, too. We have one in Atlanta, but it's four hours away. Whaaaaaaa!

laurie said...

wow! you're a curlette too?

Jo Beaufoix said...

Hmmm, Willowtree thinks we're strange?? :D

And you can have wine and chocolate really. I promise.

And My Two Cents, I love what you wrote about RC. I bet she went all mushy.
Did you go all mushy?

And write that book young lady,

and Hugh Grant, nooooooooooo,

and erm, Congratuations on your 200th post.

The Rotten Correspondent said...

Susan - shame on you making me cry before my coffee. See, you just wrote the post I've been trying to!

ped crossing - okay, if living beings is cheating how about a library? I love the northern west coast too - don't even mind the colder beaches.

pixelpi - you read me first? good thing I'm still teary from my two cents.

mya - Geena Davis. Each of us in my Bunco group picked who would play us in the movie version that's just dying to be made and Geena was who I picked for myself. Of course she hasn't done much lately, so maybe I need to rethink this. And thanks for overlooking Hugh. (I really don't do it just to annoy you!)

flowerpot - thanks! It's been fun.

wakeup - I usually post between 10 and 11 central time. I just change the date stamp to the next day.

Irene - okay, which question? Was it Hugh? Ikea? Let's hear it!

jen- ummm....Ikea. Are you feeling better sicky? At least you're up and moving around. I've been worried about you.

laurie - how quickly they forget.

The Rotten Correspondent said...

laurie - well, that didn't work! Friday, July 13 post - Curly Girl...our first meeting.

auntie barbie said...

How nice to get to know you even better. I loved this post.
What a lovely tribute my two cents wrote about you. It just confirms what I already thought about you.

pursegirl said...

Congrats on #200! I know this makes you so happy and that makes me happy! Plus, you totally rock at it. I have decided to read your blog first thing every day because 1. it makes me smile and 2. so you'll get off my back about commenting. As far as answering the "what are you like" question... a great friend, an understanding but honest ear, sarcastic as hell (it is her first language), committed (if not sometimes crazed) mother, hilarious with a dark side. HOw's that? Congrats again!

laurie said...

duh. what a dough head i am.

i am terrible at first meetings. much better at second meetings.

my friend katy tells me that at our first meeting she introduced herself and said, "hi, i'm katy. i just started working here last week."

and i said something like, "oh, that's nice," and walked away.

I AM NOT SAYING THAT IS TRUE. i am only saying that i am really bad at first meetings.

ciara said...

r.c.-this was a great way to get to know you more. was fun to read and what two cents had to say was lovely.

yes, i'm secretly wondering where it is lol not really! i am the LAST person who should mention pif gifts when all three of mine are still sitting on my desk finished but not 'quite' finished lol i'm starting to think that maybe i shouldn't volunteer, sign myself up, or whatever for these things because it's obvious that i have no 'follow-thru'! hahaha lol

Happy 200th!

Dumdad said...

Congrats on your 200th blogpost.

Hugh Grant? Hey, he's not the only Brit around - there's one who lives on The Other Siude of Paris....

Altaglow said...

GREAT Post!! Congratulations on 200 of them!

As the one who's known her the longest it's hard to pick out only a few things to say.

When RC was born she was very small and soon after turned bright orange. A rocky start but shegot busy with the task of growing and changing color. And, that's pretty much how she's been since. She's always been up to every challenge. When she puts her mind to something you better help or get out of the way. She's also a loving and involved mother, wife and friend as well as the best daughter anyone could ever ask for. Don't change!

Akelamalu said...

Damn and blast I missed yesterday's post so didn't get to ask a question!

Love all your answers and I'd definitely read any book you wrote if it was half as good as your blog! :)

Eileen said...

Happy 200th post day! I loved your Q%A's. I am impressed that you got to so many. It was great getting to know you better and also an extra bonus hearing from My two cents about what a wonderful friend you are.

I think Sweet Irene was might have been feeling the same pain I was, related to showering with the broom handle. Not sure, but just a guess......oh, the stories you could tell.

I am hoping you post 200 more and beyone. I love your blog and am thankful for you and the light you shine on my world!!

Enjoy your day!

laurie said...

ataglow, does she still turn orange from time to time?

The Rotten Correspondent said...

Jo - do you think we need a competition to find me a new fantasy man? I can feel you and Mya squirming in disgust from here.

auntie barbie - well, you can't believe a word my two cents says. She's been a little off since her twins were two.

pursegirl - dark side? dark side?? (there goes one check mark off of where I'm keeping track of how often you comment!.

laurie - yeah,okay, what.ever. But here's a question for you (because I really don't know the answer to this) - How did you come across this blog to start with? Did you follow a trail from someone elses site or did you wake up that morning and google curly girl? tell the truth...

ciara - my follow through sucks. I should have known better!

dumdad - oh, I like all kinds of Brits. It's a serious weakness of mine. But, oh that Hugh...Jen, Jo, Mya and probably half the people here all want to string me up and beat some sense into me.

altaglow - which explains why orange is my favorite color, right??

akela - oh, you'll get your chance, I promise! Thanks for the nice book words, or do you just need something to stoke the fire on those cold winter nights?

eileen - how sad is my life that when Irene said something gave her a stomach ache I never even thought of the broom. I thought it was another anti-Hugh statement. I need to get out more.

laurie - I'm just grateful that was all she spilled. It could have been so much worse.

Amy said...

Congrats on 200 posts. *cough* Gas bag. *cough*

Have the wine, have the chocolate, and write the damn book.

The Rotten Correspondent said...

amy - you have the wrong post. Gas bag is next monday where all the bloggers talk about how they impact the environment.Finally! I'm relevant!

Stepping Over the Junk said...

Ha. This is cute. I would miss Trader Joes too. BUT when I moved to New England, they were just opening up! I just went the other day! YAY!

ciara said...

my favorite brit is colin firth...woohoo! lol and maybe i'm strange, but i like to wet my toothbrush before AND after i put on toothpaste.

laurie said...

i have no idea how i found your blog. i think i just followed the crowd....

there is a website, you know, for curlettes--it's naturally curly dot com.

i haven't looked at it in years but i remember one time it suggested putting cooking oil on our hair.

Em said...

Great 200th post - made me giggle. But Hugh Grant? Actually, I can sort of see why, even though he's totally not my type.

Anyway - here's to another 200 great posts!! *raises virtual glass of wine (a fruity Tempranillo, I think)*