Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Thursday Three

It has definitely been a little wacky around here this week. Blame it on the full moon or something, but I have to confess to some

Very Out of Character Behavior

It would be very nice if anyone else is having the same problem and wants to fess up. I might feel a little less alone. That's a hint, in case you didn't notice, and a pretty desperate one at that.

#1. I bought a new computer. A good one, as a matter of fact. The stars kind of fell in line on this one, and when it happened it happened fast. Like in a matter of hours. Let me speed walk you through how this happened, because I normally don't make big ticket purchases quite this fast.

a. Our computer died.

b. I was about to have to start making payments to the FX for the dead computer. (Long story, but he's not the bad guy here. It's just a comedy of errors and would take a whole post to explain. It's not nearly interesting enough for that).

c. We've had several missed homework assignments because a. Our computer died.

d. When we were at Best Buy last Friday buying the Video Game Release of the Century (gag) for Sasquatch, I started looking at computers. Then I noticed that they were running a special until midnight Saturday for 18 months financing with no interest. I thought about it and then two hours later, still dragging kids, went back and bought one. A good one, as a matter of fact. (I have to keep reminding myself of this). So for not much more than I would have had to pay the FX anyway for a piece of merde computer, we have a brand new computer system that makes every single person in this house very, very happy. Myself certainly included.

At least until the first bill gets here.

#2. I got written up at work.
Not by anyone in my department, but by someone on another unit. I forgot to do something before I transferred a patient to the med/surg floor, and the nurse on that unit reported me. It wasn't anything major, and I had a perfectly good reason, but the bottom line is that my boss had to follow up with me and write an incident report. And as much as she rolled her eyes and told me not to give it a second thought...I do. It's the first time I've had an incident in this job - and only my second one ever. (Coincidentally, the first one was also on a patient I was transferring to another floor, but my old boss wasn't so nice about it. She was even less nice when I was able to prove - several weeks later - that I had done exactly what I was supposed to do according to their own policy manuals. But by then, the write-up was in my permanent record and she refused to take it out. Clearly, from here on out I need to refuse to transfer patients to other floors).

#3. I made fried chicken for dinner tonight.
And while this might be common place for some, it most certainly is not for me. In the first place, I don't fry anything, except about twice a year when I cave in to kid pressure and make a huge tray of tempura. This isn't about health issues, either. It's about having a southern grandmother who could fry your shoe and make you weep with delight, a grandmother who fried everything - in lard no less - until the day she died. My mother got a wild hair and decided years ago that she was going to make fried chicken at least as good as her mother did, and after years of experimenting she nailed it. So now I have two of them to live up to. Call me a quitter, but I refuse to even try.

And just to prove that I'm not even in the game, I made oven fried chicken.(And oven fried fake chicken to drag my karma down even further). And oven fried okra. (The rumbling you hear is my grandmother spinning in her grave. Oven fried. What a joke. They'll run you out of town for crap like that in the south). The big bowl of cole slaw might have passed muster, but I doubt it. It had almonds in it.

It's the full moon, right?


ped crossing said...

I've had those weird weeks. This one wasn't one for me, but I'm due. Overdue, in fact. Enjoy the lovely new computer, don't let the boys hog it. Try not to dwell on the misstep, it is impossible to not make one every now and then. And I don't fry anything either, unless it come prefried and gets put in the oven. Lack of skill, and KFC is right down the road. :)

Rudee said...

Wait, wait, wait. He was going to CHARGE YOU for the computer? Oy. Best you paid someone else for something shiny and new.

The rest of it you can probably blame on the moon. Although I've mostly spent this week in bed with a virus, I can probably blame that on the moon too.

ciara said...

i actually fry my foods less & less...i made oven fried chicken last wk. delish!

i agree w ped, don't let the boys hog the new comp up too much. i understand school work and all, but what's the odds there will be some random download that will mess up a comp? lol i make my kids ASK me b4 they download anything or sign up for anything. yes, computer rules, that's what you need lol

you know, sometimes chit happens at work. you do your best, but you're human...can't be perfect all the time. i wouldn't stress on the write up too much.

The Boisterous Butterfly said...

RC, I just want to say, you're one hell of a woman. That's it. Sleep tight, from one tough broad to another.

CrazyCath said...

It's the full moon.
Good news - it'll pass.
Bad news - you got 28 days till it comes round again.


laurie said...

i'm sorry, but baked tofu or whatever the hell you actually made does not qualify as fried chicken.

so you'll have to find a different third item.

laurie said...

ps and aren't you ever, ever, ever going to comment on my blog again? she asked plaintively....

Iota said...

Oven fried? How can that be?

my two cents said...

Never underestimate the power of the full moon.

I agree with Ciara, don't let anyone but you download anything onto the new computer. That is my husband's rule here, and he doesn't allow computer games on there either. Our systems have all worked much better since that rule was enacted.

Hope your week improves as the moon wanes!

Kaycie said...

Sweetheart, you did not fry chicken. And coleslaw does not ever have almonds in it. Or mayo. Please.

You need to send those boys to me for a real fried chicken experience. With mashed potatoes, cream gravy, and buttered corn-on-the-cob. For dessert, banana pudding with meringue.

Yeah, we're kinda Southern.

aims said...

Yes it is a full moon and I have to tell you that we (kinda) bought a huge stainless steel fridge sort of like how you got your computer.

I hate to tell you but the 14 or so computers that are in this house? Uh...I think 1 of them actually cost money. The others have all been free and built by The Man - which doesn't really make them free because parts cost money...but how lucky I feel - let me tell you. How many of them do I use? 1.

aims said...

Oh - and we bought one of those deepfry 'Wing It' machines because we thought we would love to have wings a lot. It has not been used in months! Let me say - our wings were ermmm ummmm expanding!

Tiggerlane said...

Definitely the full moon. I have had a weird week, and have noticed every other member of my family having one, too. The husband is exploring job opportunities, for REAL...after years of being discouraged at our local hospital. The child gave up her usual musical fare to listen to songs from her summer choir camp concert, and me? Well, I just cried my eyes out over the silliest thing...and my urges...are...high...

Beckie said...

As I was reading this I kept thinking - it's the full moon, it's the full moon. So I agree - it's the full moon.

Devon said...

O.K., I'm a 4th generation Californian and the only thing that gets fried in my house would be my nerves. But I did detect a bit of drool trickle down the corner of my mouth as you wrote about the chicken!

-Ann said...

Last weekend, I watched 2 seasons of The Wire. That's probably a month's worth of television crammed into two days. (My excuse is that Peter wasn't home and the weather was atrocious.)

The Boisterous Butterfly said...

So when the moon is full, everybody starts to make fried chicken and coleslaw? Whose house do I have to go to to get the best? Invite me over, please.