Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Thursday Three

Let's do a down and dirty Thursday Three, shall we? Because I've just worked three (coincidence? I think not) in a row, and if there's anything functioning properly on my person, I can't think of what it is. Not only can I not think straight, but my whole body is revolting as the result of a very ill-thought out trip to the gym after work last night. I looked like an Ibuprofen commercial getting out of bed this morning.
And it's almost as bad tonight. So - I'm looking for easy.

Favorite Condiments.

#1. Salsa. Love it. The spicier the better. Red, green, chunky, smooth. Chipotle, lime, corn, fruit. I'm all over it. Yum. Not only on Mexican food, but also baked potatoes, as salad dressing and on scrambled eggs.

#2. Mustard. Again, I'm fairly Catholic in my tastes. Hot, sweet, spicy, dijon. However you want to use it, I'm a fan. As far as I'm concerned, no sandwich is complete without mustard. (Tuna and PB&J most certainly excepted).

#3. Blue Cheese Dressing. I cannot tell a lie. I could drink Blue Cheese dressing out of the bottle straight. I usually don't, but I could. I think a salad with really good BC dressing is about as good as it gets. But I also love it on sandwiches, as french fry dip and, to totally defeat the healthy purpose, on rice cakes.

And one I can't stand - mayonnaise. Except on tuna or in cole slaw. Or tomato sandwiches, for that matter. Which is even more weird because if you're going to have a tomato sandwich it needs to be on white bread, which I'm also not a fan of, but on a tomato sandwich I'll overlook both of them. Why ask why?

Wanna play no-brainer T3? Go for it.


Altaglow said...

I recently found different configurations of mayonnaise that have the addition of horseradish or wasabi. Love them!!! My favorite condiment of all time is chutney however--can use it anywhere and anytime.

Aoj and The Lurchers said...

Caremelised Onion Chutney - goes with pretty much everything!

Sweet Chilli Sauce - just pass me my bottle and get your own!

and Balsamic vinegar on salads.

-Ann said...

When I was a kid, anything I didn't like to eat got smothered in blue cheese dressing. It was like my proverbial spoon full of sugar.

My top 3 condiments:

Kerrygold butter spread

I'm all about healthy eating but my biggest guilty pleasure and quick comfort food is cheese, kerrygold, and chipstix (think potato chips, but in crispy skinny french fry form and smothered in salt and vinegar).

aims said...

Tuna with mustard, mayonnaise, and garlic powder plus celery and onions - yum! Makes a fantastic tuna sandwich. Add a slice of cheese for a tuna melt - could start me singing....but your ears might melt.

Maggie May said...

Can't really beat the blue cheese dressing.....
Tomato relish......
Picallili! mmmmmhhhhh!

softinthehead said...

An English staple is Branston pickle (and it has to be original) - Brits will know what I mean, with cheese and on cold turkey - yum,

Homemade zucchini (?) relish - on almost everything

Oh yeh and salsa works too - love it on burgers.

Marti said...

1. Blue Cheese Dressing - I agree with you RC - fantastic on everything

2. Peppadew peppers - can go on anything and out of this world

3. Sour cream - can be plain or mixed with anything

Kaycie said...

So, I'm thinking about posting a proper coleslaw recipe on my blog simply because you seem to have absolutely no idea how real coleslaw is made. Mayo? Please!

My top three:

sour cream
bleu cheese dressing

Yes, ketchup. Used properly, there is nothing better.

my two cents said...

Hot Fudge
Whipped Cream
Maraschino Cherry

The Boisterous Butterfly said...

Mayonnaise, sour cream and ketchup. Mayonnaise for sandwiches made with Any kind of cheese and for the French fries, sour cream on all the other potatoes and on anything else you can think off, like fish or noodles, and ketchup on a great big fluffy omelet.

the planet of janet said...

i'm with you on all of this except the salsa. i'm a weenie that way.

but you are missing a bet if you don't put dijon mustard IN your tuna salad. yummmmmmmmmmm. it almost makes up for the fact that you have to have mayo in there.

Akelamalu said...

I'm with you on the blue cheese dressing! Yummy!