Monday, August 6, 2007

I List, Therefore I Am

I'm having kind of a panties on backward day already, so please excuse if this post is just a waste of bandwidth. There's been an awful lot going on around here and I'm feeling like I'm fighting for air to catch up. Being me, when I feel overwhelmed I make a list of what I need to do. Then I can do a designated percentage of it and feel like I've actually accomplished something.

The Film Geek officially starts his six week film shoot today, starting off with a bang out of town for a couple of weeks. It's a sad commentary on film production that our family really won't notice much of a difference in the weeks he's here and the weeks he's on location. Either way, he's not here. This means that I get to deal with all the back to school traumas and parent meetings and such by myself. I'm not complaining, mind you. This also means I get to cut my work schedule back to bare bones minimum, which will be a nice respite. And let's face it, I've been a film wife for way too long. I've got the independence factor down pat. If you look up self-sufficient in the dictionary you'll see my picture there. Honest.

It also means that I can get to some projects I've been putting off all summer. I have two motivations for this. First off is that September is my month to host my Bunco group. Don't laugh - this is a huge motivation. The last time most of this bunch saw my house we had only been here a couple of months and nothing really had been done. The second motivator is that my mother-in-law is rumored to be visiting in November and she's never been to this house. Now, I get along beautifully with my MIL (at least as far as I know), but her house is always "done" and I'd like her to think that her only son doesn't live in a bus station environment. (Even if he really does).

So I'm making lists. Lists of areas to paint and projects to get onto and things that still need buying before school starts. Great long lists of furniture to move and files to be set up and fall gardens to be planted. Scary lists of things to do, such as stepping on the scale for the first time all summer, immediately to be followed by calling either a gym or a hoist delivery service depending on the severity of the results. Lists of pep talks and motivational speeches that need to be given to my children before they start a new academic year, even scarier as the eldest is going into High School. How in the world did that happen? Perhaps I need to add a nice cold bottle of Chardonnay to my list of things to buy.

Or two.


Flowerpot said...

Put Chardonnay at the very top of your list, I should! Good to catch up with you - I'll be back too!

laurie said...

two bottles. totally.

when i'm frazzled, as i also am today, i make lists and sometimes i include things i've already done, just so i can have the satisfaction of crossing them out.

The Rotten Correspondent said...

flowerpot - thanks for stopping by. Chardonnay definitely staying on list. Come on back!

laurie - I do that too! It makes you feel like you're already kicking list butt, doesn't it?

Jen said...

I think you'll need to keep a third bottle on hand for once everything is finished. I kinda thought the two bottles were for just making it through. Although, I don't recommend painting anything while drinking wine. Trust me on this.

Jo Beaufoix said...

Four bottles would mean a spare one for the mother-in-law just in case you don't get everything done and need to cloud her vision a little.

But start the first one now young lady, you need a moment to chill.

All ducks need to chill.

It's the law.

my two cents said...

Film Geek going out of town for six weeks, no problem. I know you haven't forgotten the YEAR he was away. I seriously doubt much could be that hard again. Menengitis and viruses worse than that ring a bell? Plus your kids are older now, and remember, that year away got you where you are today!

Cleaning house for house guests is so stressful, I know. Try not to worry too much--you have until November and if you start now the kids will just mess it all up before then. I like to enlist the help of my spouse when cleaning house for his family--it is only fair.

Anyway, you know I live and die by my lists!

As for yesterday's topic, we have discussed this often, and I prefer to discuss it at Zuma, if it is all the same to you. (Hint Hint.)


Diana said...

You could get one of those really large bottles of chardonnay and it would still be just one bottle, right?

I love lists. It always feels so very good to cross things off.

Akelamalu said...

I usually go for a box of wine that way I don't have to choose how many bottles to buy. With the list of things you have to get through I think you should buy a box of Chardonnay!