Saturday, August 11, 2007

two out of three ain't bad

I tried to take the kids out for dinner tonight, but ran into roadblocks right off the bat. My first mistake was asking them what they wanted to eat. I told them to each give me their top two choices of what they thought sounded good and one thing that they really didn't feel like eating.

Sasquatch - wanted delivered pizza or chinese, didn't want pizza from our local all you can eat pizza buffet.

Gumby - wanted delivered pizza or submarine sandwiches, didn't want chinese.

Surfer Dude - wanted chinese or pizza from the buffet, didn't want delivered pizza.

Well, that simplified things.

It's like this every time we go out to eat or order in. If two of them want something the other one doesn't. It is absolutely impossible to get all three of them to agree on anything. And it's not like they're always trying to be obnoxious about it. Sometimes I have them write down their choices secretly and throw them into a box or something to draw out of, and they still do the 2:1 split. It's like it's instinctive.

We've said before that we're going to stop even asking them, because all it does is make us crazy. Yet I keep on doing it. I was trying to be nice tonight because they've done a lot of things this week that have made my life a lot easier and I wanted to reward their really sweet behavior. By the time we were twenty minutes into this discussion I was ready to throw four packs of Top Ramen in a pan and call it a meal.

But I didn't. In a moment of maternally induced insanity I told them to each pick the one thing they wanted most that I could pick up and bring home for them to eat. Sasquatch chose mexican. Gumby picked a sandwich. Surfer Dude wanted chinese. Three different restaurants to go to. I told them (pretty nicely, considering) that this is why we eat at home as much as we do and that while I wasn't exactly mad at them for this whole thing I wasn't really happy about it either. Then I started making phone calls.

All in all, it could have been worse. Because I ordered two things ahead of time and plotted my course wisely, I was home in thirty six minutes with food from three different places. Dinner is served.

And as I listened to the thank yous and the ripping sound of foil I promised myself...

...never again.


ciara said...

well, that was nice of you to go to 3 different places. that doesn't happen here in my house tho my stepson thinks, simply because his dad use to let him get away w everything b4 i got here, that his pick goes. had to remind my husband tonight that HE and I are the bosses in the house...not his son, not ANY of the kids. lol you should've seen him look at me when his son tried to say where we should go for brekky b4 football tomorrow. i guess you CAN teach a old dog new tricks! lmao

Akelamalu said...

When the boys were at home MWM said mealtimes were like a cafeteria because I was cooking different meals for everyone. I stopped and insisted we all ate the same and you know what, they ate it!

Flowerpot said...

I well know that never again mode - until the next time!

willowtree said...

I don't have any kids, so I'm loathe to make a comment about this (although I would never have gone to three different places, but then I have to force myself just to go to one).

What I will say though, is that I came from a family of three boys, and we never agreed on anything. But at least with three, there's always going to be a 2:1 decision.

Diana said...

Yes, yes, you are way too nice and considerate. Dictatorships are so much more efficient than democracies. ;)

The Rotten Correspondent said...

I know, I're all right. I knew I was a weenie and a pushover as I was doing it, but it just seemed like the path of least resistance at the time.

ciara- maybe I need a new training collar for my dogs.

akelamalu - our at home eating is a mess too. The kids aren't picky eaters, it's just that everyone has different diets.

flowerpot - I know. Hope springs eternal.

willowtree - you're one of three boys? any sage words of advice on my surviving? where are you in the three?

diana - my husband's words exactly. we're about to become a dictatorship.

my two cents said...

So, what did you eat?

The Rotten Correspondent said...

I got a burrito at Chipotle when I was picking up Sasquatch's TWO burritos. You don't really think I would miss a meal, do you??

Jen said...

I admit to us having a benevolent dictatorship in our house. TFYO generally is not allowed to choose where we eat, because it always involves us going to this fancy Italian place that I (usually)can't afford. She's got high class taste. I admire your flexibility! When I cook, y'all better eat it, or starve. *grin*

Dumdad said...

The Frog Queen dictates what we all eat. Period. So, every lunchtime it's a starter (Melon, for example), main course, fruit, dessert. VoilĂ !

When we go out to eat at the Japanese or Chinese, everyone gets to choose his of her own dish.

willowtree said...

I was the youngest. I haven't got any sage words of advice for you other than 'don't make the youngest wear hand me downs all the time', or he will grow up with much resentment.

ciara said...

i'll loan u mine! hehehehe lol

Jo Beaufoix said...

Ahh but they'd been so good.
It's not like you do this every night right??

We've started trying the 'we all eat the same' thing and it's going ok. At just 7 (Hooray) and 2 they're still quite fussy but they are trying new stuff.