Monday, August 20, 2007

My face is red...

This is the first sign that you're spending way too much time reading British blogs...

I was doing charting at work yesterday and my patient was a little four week old baby. And this is what I typed in...

Pt. sleeping quietly at this time in mother's arse.

Arms, arse, whatever. All I can say is thank god I caught it before I electronically signed it or I would have been out of my job on my arms. It would almost have been worth it.


Flowerpot said...

Yes, definitely worth it I think!!!!

Mya said...

Arse. What a great word. I'm glad you spotted your error. I have difficulties with the American use of the word fanny - means something entirely different in the UK.

Thanks for my lovely new award! Mwah!

Mya x

ciara said...

lmfreakinao...i use arse myself. i, too, frequent brit blogs (that or gay blogs) lol i remember the first time i used the word 'crikey' in the 'gloomies'...a place where marmy and i became acquainted, and she just laughed cuz a 'doodle' had said the word 'crikey'...truth is, i had been saying that word for a few years by then lol

mya-i don't like the word fanny for arse...i hate fanny packs even more lmao

Willowtree said...

I have a an American friend who, when watching a game of rugby, asked the girl standing beside him "which team do you root for?"

Now that's embarrassing!

Jen said...

I'm waiting for arse to be our next code word. HAHAHAHAHA!

I wouldn't worry too much, I've met plenty of folks in the States who really don't know what that word means.

Akelamalu said...

Hehehe Arse is a great word. The best put down every

"Kiss my arse!"

You know fanny means your front bottom over here don't you?

la bellina mammina said...

LOL! that's funny... And Akela... what's the front bottom? ;-) Funny how in Singapore, we understand the slang used by the English, as we were once under the British colony!

Dumdad said...

Rot Corr,

Blimey, many thanks for the lovely award. Crikey, I shall treasure it. I just hope I don't start boasting about it and make a complete arse of myself.

Really, though, much appreciated.

miss yerem said...

hello!where do you find all these great pictures? am impressed and delighted every time i see and read your blog! am still relatively new to this whole blog thing and am quite lost about things like pictures,awards, etc. for example: what does " tagged" mean and how does it work? lots and lots and lots to learn- shall be very thankful for answers from you and your readers. best from faraway berlin,miss yerem

Jo Beaufoix said...

I bet you felt a complete arse for a minute.

I agree with Mya and Ciara.
The word 'fanny' for your bottom is just wrong, wrong, wrong.

Also pants...
If you go out in the UK wearing only your pants you could probably be arrested.

My codeword today is 'pdlaf', and I think I just had one.
It means 'laughing until one wets oneself, so creating a pdl, hence, pdlaf.'

Well it means that in my head anyway.

The Rotten Correspondent said...

flowerpot - my boss has a great sense of humor, but I can just see her face when she read it!

mya - I'm fond of the word arse too. But didn't know about the problem with fanny. Good thing that isn't a word I normally use.

ciara - have you ever gone over to Project Rungay? It's the funniest damn thing in the world. You have to watch Project Runway, of course. (It could still be funny even if you didn't!)

willowtree - well, which team DID he root for??

jen - it would be better than some of the code words we've been getting.

akelamalu - I didn't know about the word fanny, but I sure do now!

la bellina mammina - front bottom??do I even want to know??

dumdad - welcome back! Crikey, we've missed your arse!

miss yerem - thanks for stopping by! I get most of my pictures from Google Images. Just type in a descriptor of what you're looking for. I entered "Embarrassed Woman" for this one. Tags are just when someone "tags" you to answer questions or sends you a "meme" which is a list of questions to answer. I'm sure others can explain it much better, but that's the general idea. Welcome to's a lot of fun!!

jo - I felt a complete arse for much longer than a minute. It's a perpetual state around here. You'd think I'd be used to it by now!!

Motheratlarge said...

Tee hee! I often wonder what nurses and doctors are typing into their computers after appointments. Now I need wonder no more, thanks to you, Rotten Correspondent!

ciara said...

mr.c.-i LOVE project runway...i'm definitely gonna have to check that out.

jo-i go over to scots blog the rantings of a looney and he uses pmsl (peeing on myself laughing) lol

fanny as a word for your cootie root, coochie, vagina or whatever is not right either. lol

and i think dad's got the whole 'slang' thing down, don't u? lmao

Pixel Pi said...

I have problems when transcribing with typing certain words. Rebound always comes out "reboudn." And skin frequently ends up as sin. As in, "Sin is warm, pink, and moist." It's a form of finger dyslexia that causes some similar fears for employment.

However, my fear lessens ad I hear what last month's college grad dictated on Week 2 of internship. "BP 125/70, temp 36.2, pulse present." Whew. What a relief for that sore throat patient.

Pixel Pi said...

Re above. Sometimes even words like "as" are beyond my dyslexic fingers before caffeine. Sorry. Another example of When Spellcheck Fails.

The Rotten Correspondent said...

pixel pi- the problem is that it's so easy to do. On my old ICU job it was all paper charting. You could still mess it up but it was a brain fart not dyslexic fingers. (Love that phrase, BTW!) But with computers I'm always worried that my fingers will double cross my brain!